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Of Water and the Spirit

Isolating metaphors of transformation which weave through recent paintings, this solo show marks an unintentional and (what was once) nameless series running parallel to current work by Leone McComas.

IG: @lehohneh

This exhibition pays ode to the mysteries of restructuring through divine life, the consensual movement of the spirit, and identifying as a work in progress. In this exhibition solid rocks fluidly transform, value is revealed, wounds healed and resealed. These elements speak to the other side of the same coin, and a need to have (recognition of) faith beyond the reality of our situation to achieve the growth of our future. This movement is propelled by hope, the relinquishing of death’s grip via physical baggage, and the realignment towards original purpose. Phew!


Leone McComas’ practise revolves around examining the paradox of holding two seemingly opposing truths, and the deconstruction of social ideologies in relation to the self. Parallel series “Black & Reflective” is a portrait series that begins by listening. An element ensuring the emerging paintings are an honest attempt to capture my subject and document deepening realisations of identity. This process of returning an individual’s agency to their narrative is a part of broadening representations of the Black experience.

In the past, Leone has explored masculinity and the rejection of vulnerability among women (“L’armour”), and the susceptibility of oneself in a state of post-love (“Adrift//Time Has No Meaning”). McComas is a current MOCA x AKIN artist in residence and an alumni of OCAD Univeristy’s studio program based in Florence, Italy.

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